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Herb Tea for the Day -Korean Herb Tea

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Made for days when women feel uncomfortable the Korean specialty tea brand OMNIHERB

Ingredients include the motherwort herb, 'the herb helping a woman' which are gathered when leaves are thick before blooming, fennel seeds which warms your body with their unique scent, the peels of environmental-friendly tangerines grown while being exposed to a constant sea breeze from Jeju Island's Blue Belt area, and Danggui containing decursin will allow women feel light and refresh their gloomy days, and make sweet and mild fragrant aroms.

A story of raw materials (Ingredient)
Motherwort: The scent is stronger because it grows under the bountiful sunlight from the clean Bohyun mountain region which has the most clear skies every year. The best season to harvest the motherwort is the summer months when leaves are still thick and it's energy has not yet been lost during the blooming process.

Fennel seed: Fennel seeds contain many essential oils and ingredients, known as anethole, and are very useful herb fruits which are used widely in our lives. One should take care when selecting fennel seeds because it can be mistakenly used 'Siraja' which is in the same family as the fennel seed.
Tangerine peel: This is a very rare peel of the tan gerine, which is cultivated with environmental-friendly agricultural methods and harvested from Jeju Island tangerine farms directly managed by MONIHERB. Our tangerines are carefully peeled one by one by hand without the help of any machines.

Danggui: Daunggui meaning "necessarily bringing something back" is a plant that is able to satisfy certain deficiencies and is used as raw material for aroma therapy because of its unique scent. The wider the daily temperature range of a place of production becomes, the better Danggui's scent and taste is cultivated because more essential oils and ingredients are accumulated for two years rather than one year.